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Photograph by Federica Monsone. St. Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, 2005St. Mary's Lighthouse is located in the north of England, in Tyne and Wear and can be accessed by the causeway
at low tide. You can ring the lighthouse directly on +44 (0) 191 200 8650 to find out the times and a tide schedule is also posted in the car park.

You can pay the admission charge and walk the 137 steps to the top - I haven't been (wrong tide!) but I hear the views are spectacular.

Photograph by Federica Monsone. St. Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, 2005Only a couple of minutes after I took this photo a violent hailstorm broke washing away my chances of spending a little more time shooting this landmark

Today St. Mary's Lighthouse is no longer in use but houses a museum. You can find out more about St. Mary's Lighthouse here.

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