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Photograph by Federica Monsone, Souter Lighthouse, 2005Souter Lighthouse sits on the east cost of England and is the first lighthouse I ever went up. With 76 steps this is a fairly easy one on the legs. You should however be aware that the last part of the climb is by way of a very narrow-stepped fixed ladder so bear this in mind.

Photograph by Federica Monsone, Souter Lighthouse, 2005The weather wasn't great but the red of the lighthouse still manages to stand out in the picture.

Photograph by Federica Monsone, Souter Lighthouse, 2005When we got to the lantern room we agreed that even just the sheer size of the biform lenses was intimidating to say the least. Weighing an impressive four tonnes - the equivalent of four people carriers, and sitting in a bath of 1.5 tonnes of mercury, the light flashes for five seconds every thirty.

Because they are so well-balanced in the bath of mercury, despite their astonishing weight I was able to slide the lenses along using just two fingers! 

Photograph by Federica Monsone, Souter Lighthouse, 2005Souter Lighthouse in another building managed by the National Trust and there is a small charge if you wish to visit it. However once inside you can view the engine room - which is mainly devoted to the foghorns located by the shore and built around 1965, the reconstruction of the keeper's cottage and learn about life in a lighthouse thanks to the loop video.

St. Mary's Lighthouse is located in the north of England, in Tyne and Wear. It can be accessed on foot but only at certain times of the day because at high tide the island gets separated from the mainland.In the grounds between the lighthouse and the building housing the foghorns there are tables you can use for picnics.

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